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From the warbled picture on a 1950s television to the early Macintosh computers to today’s impressive AMOLED and flexible screens, display technology has been a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives for decades.

Pixel Solution specialises in providing complete turnkey display solutions and supply chain management.

As a leading developer of TFT & OLED technologies, Pixel designs and builds highly innovative products for industrial and professional display applications – from single components to complete systems.

Here at Pixel we pride ourselves on helping our customers and partners differentiate and compete in their markets by offering them unmatched quality products.

Applications for Pixel’s products include Consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment, automobiles, POS terminals, household appliances and more.

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Silicone Zebra Connectors

Silicone Zebra Connectors

Silicone zebra connector is reliable and stable, widely applying to various LCD panel to be the bridge of LCD panel and the PCB, such as phone screen, car control screen, industrial device screen, instrument panel, and so on.


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